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    Big Bear
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    How confident are you Navy covers 17 vs Hawaii???

    Hawaii hasnt won a game all year and will be traveling all the way to Maryland..

    Is Hawaii that bad though? Will Navy win by 20 or more?

    I want to fade Hawaii but i'm not sure if Navy is the type of team that is built to cover spreads like this

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    Ralphie Halves
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    They are good enough yes, but man, nobody ever made a good living betting on Hawai'i games. Way too unpredictable. This is not the answer you want, but I'd stay away.

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    Mr KLC
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    Great game against Notre Dame. All in all a good effort with a lot of points scored. That being said I think the long flight to Annapolis and the fact they are so bad defensively Navy should win by a decent amount. Hopefully by the 4th quarter Reynolds is resting and the back is getting some reps.
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    Fairly confident.

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    I'm in

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    I'm $100 worth of confident