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    Betting on 5dimes at 18?

    So I live in florida, where the legal age to gamble online is 21, but 5dimes only requires you to be 18 to deposit. Do you guys think is would run into any problems if i went ahead and did it anyway even though im under 21?

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    I think the legal age to post on this forum is 21. Also how are you getting money to gamble at that age?

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    Mvan, what part of florida?

    Do you wear speedos to the beaches in Fla?

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    Corbin's offspring is my guess. Hooters Orlando 1995

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    What part of FL you stay at?

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    nice to meet you officer

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    mvan get outta the game while you still can

    mvan to answer your question you will be fine

    mvan we have an asian poster here named reemer who posts up and he's 15