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    Such BS. Mathis lions corner cleared multiple concussion tests but Chi medical staff ruled he had to stay out. How is that possible?

    DETROIT -- Cornerback Rashean Mathis passed the Detroit Lions' concussion tests and was cleared to return to Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears.

    But the Bears overruled Detroit's doctors, which kept Mathis from returning.

    Mathis suffered a possible concussion in the first quarter of Sunday's 40-32 win and underwent two tests. He said he passed one on the sideline, then again during halftime and was told he could return in the second half.

    But Chicago's medical staff, which was first to respond to Mathis on the field, said they believed the safety lost consciousness after the play and wouldn't clear him.

    Mathis said he does not believe he lost consciousness.

    "I ran out on the sideline because I took another test at halftime. They're like, 'You're good,'" Mathis said in the locker room after the game. "So I ran down the steps, thought I was cleared to play -- but then our head guy said their doctor said, 'You might have went out for a second and protocol says you can't go.'"

    Asked about a possible conflict of interest, with the Chicago staff keeping a Detroit player out of a battle for first place, Mathis said "that's not my job to get into that."

    Mathis was injured while trying to tackle Chicago tailback Matt Forte. He crumpled to the field, but trotted off on his own power after being examined by both medical staffs.

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    unreal pally

    lions got hosed here