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    Rich Boy
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    Why do teams even field punts?

    Rarely something good comes from it and so often we see a turnover that gives the other team 40 yards and usually great field position.

    Even if you get a return on a punt, you got a 50% chance of a penalty bringing it back.

    Most of these special teams guys are terrible at pinning the ball deep. most of the time is just bounces into the end zone.

    I say you sent your entire team for a block and leave 1 guy back to field balls that are rolling the wrong way.

    Fielding punts is STUPID!!!

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    Are you kidding me? If you let the ball drop there's a huge chance it will bounce backwards 10-20 yards. Or are you saying just fair catch it every time?

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    Eddie Mush
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    Ask Devon hester

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    If you send 11 guys to block, what happens when the punter throws a pass to the wide open gunners? You at least have to have 2 guys out on their gunners.

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    Disagree on fielding punts obviously because you can change field position easily with an average return - but there certainly is very little point to fielding it inside the f-ing 10 yd. line if it had any sort of hang time on it.