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    Thursday SBR Spreadsheet

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    JJ in the green.... He has eye of tiger.

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    Just lay the 3 with the birds Corbin, penetrate -170

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    Countdown to death: 1 day
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    The Dodgers have been letting you down a lot lately, Hank.

    Yet you are trusting them again today?

    You're a brave man, Hank. Hope it works out for you.

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    Looks like a 5-0 night

    Golder looker sharper than ever, but I would lay the -3 (-120/-130) with Philly.

    Gold, Philly lookin to wipe the floor with this overrated Kansas City

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    ...and out come the wolves
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    Fuk!!! why didnt i see this before taking the Rays. ughh