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    Hey Lyon

    Did you share my same vision for Miami when I told you this team would be a dynasty? I told you I was being objective. I state facts. It's been a long 3 years on this site for you to finally see that. Watch out for number 3 next year. Wade was 70% this year and averaged 21 5 and 5. People think he's done? Yup, another knee-jerk reaction. Just like when Miami started 2010 off 9-8 and everyone started getting on my case. Even Sweet Jones pounded the Celtics to beat MIA, then pounded the Bulls I warned him.

    Remember your protege No Coincidences saying Spoel would never get out of the east? Then saying james wouldn't win rings? You guys saying MIA couldn't win a title without a legit big man. I told you they have 2 of the most versatile wings in nba history. When they teamed up, they were 2 of the top 3 players in the world. That's only happened once in history. Shaq-Bryant.

    You should have foresaw this, with how much basketball you claim to watch. But you doubted them. And for that your bankroll has most likely suffered.


    Sheep's Milk

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    Home Team Wins at SBR
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    Congrats on calling LaBrown Wade and Bosh a dynasty who would have even guessed that....Oh yeah everyone
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    Get a life sheeps milk. You seeking attention to this extent is scary, writing an essay and calling out someone who is not even active