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    Rudy wants to buy yez a drink
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    Wilbur Wood went to my high school.

    I went to school and played hoops with Crazy Legs Conti, competitive eater.

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    Toni Tanti

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    Kenneth Drinkerhausen

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    If you listen to fools, The Mob Rules...
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    More baseball players than I can remember:
    Tony LaRussa
    Lou Piniella
    Fred McGriff
    Tino Martinez
    Luis Gonzalez
    Doc Gooden
    Gary Sheffield, the list goes on...

    Some say the birthplace to professional wrestling (Championship Wrestling from Florida):

    Eddie and Mike Graham
    Hulk Hogan
    Randy Savage, plenty more

    A ton not from here who end up living here (Jeter, lot's of retired NFL, PGA, etc.). Sunshine, beaches full of trim and no state income tax. What's not to like. Legalize gambling and all will be right in the world
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    Bobby Smokesteen

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinnacle420 View Post
    dustin keller, mike alstott, greg odom, calbert cheaney, and gotta blast that Guns N Roses too... this is AXEL country!!!
    Alstott was a beast fullback...I remember him clearing huge holes for Warrick Dunn back in the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULYPOKER View Post
    John Constantine Unitas was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was drafted in 1955 by the Pittsburgh Steelers but they released him before the season began. He then moved on to an amazing 17 year career with the Baltimore Colts.

    Pittsburgh native Dan Marino, who recently retired from the Miami Dolphins after a spectacular 17-year career, helped the University of Pittsburgh Panthers to be regarded as one of the greatest in college football history in 1980.

    American professional football player and quarterback who led the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL) to four Super Bowl victories, was born Joseph Montana in Monongahela, Pennsylvania in 1956.

    This American football player, born Joseph William Namath in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, led the New York Jets to a 1969 Super Bowl victory.

    Kurt Angle,This Pittsburgh native opened the eyes of the world with his gold-medal performance in the 220 freestyle wrestling competition in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. A Worldwide Wrestling Federation champion!

    Arnold Palmer,Born in Youngstown, Pennsylvania, Arnold Palmer grew up playing at the Latrobe Country Club. This Pittsburgh sports heroe is a world famous golfer, highly-successful business executive, prominent advertising spokesman, and talented golf course designer.

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    Let's go NickFolian Dynamite!
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    Philly burbs:

    Tommy LaSorda, Mike Piazza, Kobe Bryant off the top of my head.

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    Houston area, so a lot.

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    Closest I can think of is josh beckett's high school about 15 mins from where I am now

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    Al martin dave Hansen went to Rowland high school prince fielder went to Nogales high my rivals jim Edmonds went to diamond bar lawerence Philips went to Baldwin park high school Flex wheeler lives in hills of Rowland heights/diamond bar or so he did. A ton of guys come from SGV too many to name I forgot a lot don't know the new kids.

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    Saloon please

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    Kendall Hunter works out at same gym my daughter trains at during his off season.

    Philip Humber does as well.

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    Punta Cana
    Attendee 2/4/2017

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    Year 2011

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    Zeke Sinicola, a schoolboy basketball legend in New York City who went on to become an all-American at Niagara University before joining the Fort Wayne Pistons of the National Basketball Association .....Family, friends and former teammates have long theorized that Sinicola’s brief and unproductive professional career was related to his having grown up on Pleasant Avenue, a mob-controlled six-block stretch along the East River where gambling was a way of life.

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