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    Off the grid for a few days so good luck!!

    Well boyzzzzz in 10hrs I start the trip home. It'll take me longer to get there than the Bash lasted - so keep that in mind anyone who might've had the nerve to whine about being tired or was nasty to ppl this wknd. Trust me - everyone noticed. No excuse for that.

    I've been pretty blessed in my life already but these 4 1/2 days with you guys ranks with one of the best things I've ever experienced. I'm pretty sure I got to spend time with each of you and I feel honoured that I did. You all made this flying mission so worthwhile so thank you everyone. Get home safely, watch out for falling bags on the plane and I'll talk to you soon xo
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    Have a safe trip home, I bet you miss your little man loads.

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    Have a safe flight back the Land Down Under. Sounds like you had a great time in Sin City.

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    Love you Shari bear

    Hope your not mad at me about the picture ruckus....have a safe trip

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    safe travels

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    Was a great time for all, was nice to meet you, and have a safe trip home. Love ya Doll.............

    And yes, for those that whined and was rude, take my avatar and put that where the sun don't shine.


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    Peace be with you Shari.

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    Whining/rude at the bash? Who?

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    I reported 476 posts over this past weekend alone. REPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some mods have their work cut out for them.

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    I thought it would be weird to head out to Vegas with a bunch of random people on an internet forum, but the stories and pictures are showing me that it would be a great time. I mean shit Shari came all the way from down under to hangout with a bunch of degens. I will have to make the next bash forsure if this is really the atmosphere there I just always pictured it being very very awkward.

    I guess I just pictured everyone being like there online personas and being arrogant assholes because a majority of the time thats the vibe everyone gives off here.

    EDIT: Everyone have a safe trip home don't go to the airport to wasted!

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    I think I sent more than half so use em wisely

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    shari, do you wear a wig?