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    Now That We're On The Theme Of The Olympics: This Sums Up Uhmuhruhkuh Perfectly!

    The winner of the 100 metre dash at the Olympics is traditionally given the title of the "fastest man alive". Since an American didn't win the 100 metre at the 1996 Olympics, the Americans started calling their 200 metre & 400 metre champion the "fastest man alive", even though Michael Johnson didn't win the 100 metre dash.

    This is typical American behaviour. They change the rules as they go on the suit their interests. When Michael Johnson and the Americans were told to put their money where their mouths are, Donovan Bailey, the actual "fastest man alive" put them in their place. A 150 metre was scheduled, even though the the 100 metre dash traditionally determined the "fastest man alive". Not only did Michael Johnson lose the race, he gave up after Bailey grew a lead on him and headed into his strong point, the straightaway.

    The American acted like a true and total coward. As soon as he realized he was going to lose the race, he pulled out and claimed he was injured. Instead of accepting defeat like a true champion, he went out in typical "American" style, blaming other things (his phantom injury) for his misfortunes.


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    Thanks for the update!

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    How'd Ben Johnson work out for ya? Get a life.

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    Am i serious? Are you serious?
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    In the slow mo u can see him grab at his leg when he is actually still ahead.. Why are people so jealous of Americans that they start random threads to throw jabs... I mean if you're Canadian just stfu.. Canada=shit

    You want American Olympic history than google Jesse Owens sucker!!!

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    The OP can do better than this. Your cry for attention, mainly responses filled with insults and people coming to the defense of the U.S., is too obvious and desperate. Your trolling has to be more subtle than this if you want to succeed in the long term.

    I give this a 3/10. Step up your trolling game, forsberg. Best of luck in your future trolling attempts. I expect much better next time. Maybe try a subject like politics. An extremely biased post filled with Democratic or Republican party rhetoric is typically a great formula for generating a solid "bait" thread on SBR.

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    What's it now? 50+ million people on food stamps in the good ole USA??? 50% of Duhmuhricans on some sort of social welfare assistance from the government?

    Your country is collapsing quicker than a house of cards!

    Keep shipping those jobs off to Asia!