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    Daily Joust $500 BCS Bowl Games Fantasy College Football Contest!

    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to stop by and let you know about the New Daily Joust Contest.

    Here are the Specs below:

    - $500 Prize Pool

    - $10 Entry Fee

    SBR members can utilize their points in the SBR store for Daily Joust cash or become an SBR Pro by depositing at Daily Joust.

    Games included in the contest:

    - Michigan vs. Va Tech

    - Wisconsin vs. Oregon

    - Stanford vs. Oklahoma State

    - WVU vs. Clemson

    - Alabama vs. LSU

    You have a $1 million salary cap to draft your team. Big players come with high price tags, so look for value when picking your winning team.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Be Cool
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    Should be fun.

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