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    There is an small chance (maybe 5-10%) that Obama is not the democrat candidate (Hillary or Biden would be the alternatives).
    Democrats -115 no vig
    Obama -105 no vig

    OTOH, having the points in limbo for 1 year is not worth it, the inflation would hit that bet.
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    Regardless of which Clowns the Gop decides to put up, they will lose to Obama one way or the other. The lower class or people within the poverty line barely making ins meet, will easily outnumber the rich at the polls. Unemployment is still insanely high, and good portion of voting America will be people in that situation. No way in hell I see them taking a chance on a Republican nominee who favors the wealthy and big corporation.

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    at -130 (or hell, even +130 but imo that's lighting points on fire) for what? 13+ months? god-awful use of points.

    which means i'm sure people will be beating down the door to bet this.

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    do the unemployed - disenfranchised actually vote though?

    he will not carry the white guilt vote this time around, could be tough

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBR_John View Post
    Americans don't like being bs'd. Signed Jimmy Carter Guys who run on change and don't change anything are usually in for a tough re election. Donald Duck would have a chance against this change clown.
    Walker where have u been all ur life? Yeah, no politician EVER lies...FACT: THEY ALL LIE...Ever heard of the grey area? You know, that area where the truth becomes 'extended'? Its one of the facets that assist both politicians and businesses in becoming successful and forwarding their own agendas...

    You should know this and the everyday understanding that our representatives will 'extend the truth'...Name me one politician thats never lied and il show u our creator..Fact is u cant cos deep down u know they all 'extend the truth'

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    Obama will close at -170

    I have no points to bet this prop and it is easy money on YES

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    way too early to call

    sharp line at this point in almost any pres election would be incumbent 52, 53%

    political props are often way way off

    I pounded the fuk out of the "no" on hillary as obama's vp last cycle, i think i got like -120 or something

    there was zero chance of that happening

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavyracer View Post
    I will wait until the Republican convention when the line for Obama will be +150 and then hammer it with everything I have. Sell the house, cars, motorcycle, boats, max the ************, take loans, rob a bank and put it all on the greatest president this country has ever seen.
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