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    Do you burp or fart in front of your girl?

    I do both. We're comfortable like that. She says she does not care. She admits it's natural. But does she really care?? She burps sometimes but I have never heard her fart. Don't think I want to either. So is it ok or what?

    I agree that it is natural and nObody should be ashamed.

    The cavemen didn't care, right?

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    Both and don't give a fukk. She does too. We're human. She hates when I do it, hates it. When she does it she thinks its hilarious because she barely ever does.

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    normally when I dump broads I drop a deuce and microwave that shitt for like 10 minutes and run. they never get their deposit back and it lingers on the walls for years.

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    sure but still prefer not to do either

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    yes I do