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    Is this a top 5 team?
    WTF 7 points on an unranked team at the Half?

    USC aint shit in a ******s back yard
    thats right I said it
    The south will rise again

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    They have tallent, but they are way overrated.

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    I knew this game was going to be close. AZ gets up for these night games at home and this isn't the Arizona team of old they come to play and don't fold after getting down early.

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    I figured it'd be close, too, but I never thought it'd be the low scoring crap it was. I needed the over to finish off a parlay and it seemed to be one of the better picks on there.

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    Should be ranked 25-15

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    Have you missed the Pete Carroll years? They have lost 15 games since he became the head coach. 80% have been in September & October. They ALWAYS struggle and lose to teams they shouldn't through the first half of the season, but every November, everyone is talking about how great they look.

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    USC is a joke and who ever thinks they will be in the title game is just as big of a joke...

    They should be ranked 9-10 no higher.

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    Yeah that stadium was rocking... but USC is just not that good alot of talent I thought for sure Usc was going to pull away in the 2nd half. Next year if sanchez comes back will be their year.

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    Fade USC ATS ...it's gonna be bank (maybe not this next weekend though because they can run the score up against crappy Washington big time)