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    Thoughts on a BYU letdown.

    Lost last week, now -22 vs UNLV who some say are a bit underrated.....?

    +22 looks appealing.

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    UNLV will not be in awe. But I'm not sure. BYU is a well coached school and this could be just the team they need. The number looks about right. I wouldnt play the BYU letdown angle. Might be a good X's and O's play but the letdown angle is suspect.

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    I found this little nugget on Ross Benjamin's site - found it interesting pertaining to the BYU/UNLV matchup.

    Any conference home favorite of 21.0 or more that is off an away underdog ATS loss by 15 points or more, is facing an opponent playing with revenge, and the opponent has a winning percentage of better than .100 is 14-0 SU and ATS since 1990. The favorite has won those 14 games by an average of 41.1 points per game. Play on BYU minus the big number as my college football free selection of the week.