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    lol, all that hype, than a few seconds of fight.

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    I dont think it was rigged, like was stated Kimbo was the money child of Elite. This will kill the Elite brand.
    Kimbo just got hit and the punch hit the right spot and stunned him. You cant say it was a weak punch after you see his eye swole up. I also think Kimbo would have gotten up had the fight not been stopped. He would have been dizzy and confused but he would have got up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peepshow9 View Post
    umm actually you made $3.30 but whos counting i guess.
    Umm no I made $330

    "a dollar" = $100.00
    "a nickel" = $500.00
    "a dime" = $1000.00

    I never play anything for less than "a dollar"

    EDIT 10/10 - Collected "a dime" from my book this past Thursday via **. When the clerk started counting out the money, I started laughing thinking about your "$3.30 but whos counting" comment. Dude you made my day with that one, champ!
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