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C10 looks like the only spot that won't give green an edge spot next move or the one after?
We have a Winner! Well done here!

This leaves Green with exactly 2 options as seen below. Regardless of which option Green chooses, it's going to leave a wedge spot for Purple as seen in the 2nd screenshot. What this means is, it means Purple is going to be able to wedge in 1 Purple piece on the SW side between Green's pieces. This will enable Purple to get the Western corner, along with the SW corner. Because Green is so low on options/moves, Purple gets to dictate the direction of the game from here on out and give Green terrible moves 1 at a time. It's an easy Win for Purple from here on out.

In this screenshot below, this is after Green moved to a8. And now as you can see, Purple can wedge in at a9. This will allow Purple to get the Western corner at a11, as well as the SW corner at a6. Green's only move at the moment is at b10. Purple has several other options, I didn't fill in all of the notation. Purple can simply work from the SW corner for now, and force Green into terrible moves for the remainder of the game for an easy Win.

Here's what the final board looked like.