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ok yeah i hate trump with passion ungodly and if you want to persecute biden in court better have evidence

TRUMP put our country at risk giving away secret classified information

he totally cause a mob of idiots to destroy the capitol building and said his own VP was weak and should die or something like that

fawkkkkkkkkk you all who support THE GOP and trump and his tards wait wait only 2 years away is 2024 then after 6 months when you tards vote in GOP pres i will come back and see what you think how da fawkkkkwad is doing.
You don't know that he did any such thing regarding secret classified information. Trump never caused anyone to destroy anything. He never said Pence should die or anything like that. He said people should march peacefully.

You repeat fake news and make things up. You are committed to deception. That's why people don't take you serious.