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Happens all the time. Virginia ran out Exxon when they were climate hoaxing.

For you and chico, kelly. Disney is owned by shareholders, not the CEO and certainly not the employees.

So when you say Disney has freedom of speech, yes, the shareholders do. Only the board has the ability to speak for the shareholders. The CEO is an employee who is being sued. He should be fired too and probably will.

Disney thought they were too big to have any consequences. The company has lost $60 billion in market cap defending trannyisim. And now they could lose their trademark protection too. It doesn't take many $60 billion mistakes to go up.
Roy you have no idea what im saying!

Disney should never of had what Florida and Hawley are trying to take away!! That in no way takes away their right to speak out on what ever they want!

The hypocrisy of Republicans to kiss every azz in corp. America and can only see what a mistake it is when they get their feelings hurt!! Biggest cry babies ever!

Republicans think that its ok for the Government to strong arm a Corporation for having a voice ( if they dont like what they say) but a Corporation cant ban its members for breaking the rules. The hypocrisy is unbelieve they accuse others of these things but always have an excuse when it is them!!