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Is it true the military are helping the police enforce the lockdown in Sydney?

Horror movie
Not yet.

But apparently some loonies say they will ignore the lockdown and protest on the weekend and the cops plan to cordon them off and arrest the lot.

General public looking forward to it like a sporting event. To see the loonies put in their places hard and fast!

It's your horror movie having laws enforced on you instead the anarchy you have to suffer under there Kosta ;-)

My horror movie would be a losing Prime Minister inciting people to attack our parliment house. But each to their own eh!

Aussies are mostly happy with how our govts have handled the pandemic best in the world. Economy booming, unemployment down, no virus in the wild in 99% of the country. And all it took was 5 weeks of lockdown in May 2020 that the people did not fight against to do that.

How happy are your peoples Kosta? Can you say that about most being happy with their govt response there?