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Even if it’s known to every professional better, if this site doesn’t say it yet gives a book an A+ rating, logic would dictate this site is getting kickbacks from the book.
I'll give you a serious answer here. It would be very hard to do a fair "ban" scale for sportsbooks because most do to an extent but some are more extreme than others. It would be great if they had something like a ban scale of 1-5, where 1 is Pinnacle(only limiting the top tier pros) and 5 is William Hill(super quick limit for winning at all). And on top of that, there's really no clear answer on many books that might be a 2 or 3. Some sites, like William Hill, will limit you to peanuts purely for winning.

A site like BetOnline, you can win 6 figures without getting limited. But they will limit you if you consistently steam chase or bet bad/stale lines. Heritage will limit you pretty quickly if you are sharp and beating closing prices, but in personal experience not down to something insulting like $10 on sharpness alone.

I wish it was clear exactly the circumstances in which all the sites limited bettors but the guessing game is just part of the deal and it can feel like walking on eggshells. I pass up +ROI regularly to play it safe at certain places. On Bet105, I never bet overnight lines as when I was sharply betting overnight lines at Heritage(same owner as Bet105) I got knocked down to $100 quick(in a major market). But they are OK with my bets on the day of games even though that action is very sharp.