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Why not? He could even say he won't release a play unitl he gets 100 points.

Then he doesn't have to release a play.

Fish I'll give you bullets but give them back when you are done exploiting them...no interest necessary.

If you lose them, that's a different discussion.

Let me know. Also, what are looking to get down on this week?

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800 points given Fish with the understanding you give them back. If you lose them or need time, we'll figure it out.

If you don't like those terms, send back 750 and I gift you 50 for your time and urgency for pressing the NCAA lines.

I too wish we had more bullets, I give so many away. Actually, I give all my points away...lol.

For now though, the 800 is not a gift, but those I've loaned to know how generous and understanding I can be...I don't want anyone stressing over it.

That said, don't get too risky and let's fill our ammo clips.

this guy makes every thread unreadable. Go away