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I was headed to bed with $398 dollar Bankroll from $132 doposit

Happy and content as a clam. For some uncontrollable reason. Kind of like out of body experience. I put it all on Michigan State live. Wasn't even watching the game. Just looked at the live lines and click click. I didn't even want to stay up. Knew I needed sleep but did it anyway.

Bi polar 2. I think I have that.

Anyone got knowledge on bi polar 2 disorder
dude... quit

just take time off till your best sport starts back up at the beginning of a new season

in the back of your mind you will be fine because you will know that you will be placing bets again down the road.

if you can't do that you better penetrating quit - no patience, no impulse control, no br management, no strategy... quit being an ATM to the books