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If you want to talk to me, I suggest you message me. The only way these dumb mother f**kers can think they have my picks is if they run to the contest site and look them up. The truth of the matter is that I do not make those icks. Young family members do. They are not very good yet, as anybody can see. I will never give the arseholes in here a pick. As far as I am concerned, they can all drop dead and go to hell. They are nothing but a bunch of lying S.O.B's to begin with. Broke drunk druggie arseholes who either allow their ladies to run their lives or have the ladies leave them. I ignore posts in here now. If you want to legitimately talk to me, message me. The rest of you can rot in hell. I am done with you.
Wow. I am speechless, brother. To say that I am humbled to share a message board with you would be a gross understatement. The fact that you would bless these young family members with the privilege of submitting picks on your official SBR account is beyond charitable. Quite frankly, it's saintly.

If I can be vulnerable for a second here, my lip trembled a bit when I read that sentence. I'll be honest, I got choked up. It brings a tear to my eye when I imagine those smiling toddlers waking up on a Saturday morning. The sunshine peeking through their bedroom blinds.

Little Jimmy: "Yes, the weekend is finally here! Uncle Bigdaddy said we could make his picks for him this week!"

Little Susie: "I like Michigan +3.5! That hook will come in handy!"

Little Billy: "I'm going with the Longhorns over 73! First team to 50 wins. Let's do this!"

Uncle Bigdaddy slides into the room with a wry smile, leans against the door frame, and shakes his head.

"Crazy kids," he whispers under his breath. "Wisconsin will blow the doors off this overrated Michigan team. That Texas game will never hit 70."

It takes every fiber of his being not to rip the mouse out of their frail little fingers and select the winners that he knows are forthcoming. But alas, this is the genius of BigdaddyHQ. This is something that the degenerates and druggies of this forum will never understand. Uncle Bigdaddy must allow these young family members to fail now, so that one day, they can succeed...just like their uncle.

So, when all you broke ignorant losers try to troll Bigdaddy for being ranked #2130 of #2156 in the Pick 6 Contest, just remember one thing -- you are making fun of innocent young children who are just trying to make their uncle proud. Have fun looking yourself in the mirror at night, scumbags.