lakerboy, just saw this thread.

I have stated over and over that I have no problem with SBR as a whole. I have personally made it the place I call home. I have taken issue with some of the practices here and with certain posters but that doesn't distract from SBR as a entire experience.

Setting aside for a moment personal disagreements with certain posters what are the issues I have spoke out against?

Threads being moved to the Private Zone: There were certain threads that were moved that had no personal attacks in them and had relevances to certain issues at the time and they were placed in the Private Zone. After addressing it the threads were returned so obviously they were moved in haste and without truly understanding.

Specific post being removed or edited in threads: I questioned this practice as well. If a portion of a thread is removed from the body of a thread then details and events in those threads can be interpreted incorrectly. I took issue with this because in a specific thread I posted in some of the content was edited and certain post were removed. This only mattered because I made direct comments relating to some of the altered content and when reading it afterwards someone could take what I was saying wrong because the material I addreessed was missing.

Missing former posters: Maybe you and some other posters come here for information, points or whatever your individual needs are but there are others like myself who form friendships and use the site as a social experience while nothing else is going on or I am killing time at work. As far as sports wagering and contributing in that area college football is basically all I do so when that is over in the past I have left until the season starts again. This year I discovered Players Talk and enjoyed interacting with others in areas other than sports. Friendships developed. and while not on the same level as friendships I have with people in my offline life they can be considered friendships all the same. Some of those friends left the site. Fine. They left that's cool. However when other posters whom admittedly I don't see eye to eye with make comments and slinging trash directed at those no longer here I speak up. Why? Cause that's who I am and I make no apologies with that.

Laker, the deal is I don't care one bit who likes me or who doesn't. I post and I for the most part keep it clean. I am loyal to SBR but that does not mean I am beholden to SBR practices, management or certain longtime posting personalities. I can discuss, debate, agree or disagree with people and it doesn't mean I don't like them or even respect their position. I don't back down though until I am either proven wrong or realize I am just being stubborn for arguments sake.

In the future I suggest you simply put me on ignore. I offer nothing in the way of sports related material until college football season comes back around. In fact everyone can put me on ignore. I don't have a overestimated value of my self worth on here or in life. I do however speak what is on my mind in both worlds. I turned 44 yesterday and have always been who I am so I doubt very seriously if I will change anytime soon.