Originally posted on 07/19/2014:

Gods real... Go out and look at the grasp that evil has on people and then look at the ones among the chaos who walk in peace knowing what's going on around them. This is the game of life and everyone has a role. When a guy signs up for the army he must know what he's getting involved in, he can die for the army. Well I signed up for God and would risk my life for that. Even if you don't believe in a higher power, a good and evil, the people running the show do, so you will be effected indirectly. They want to lock away your minds and hearts to nothing of value. Just watch tv, movies, play games, watch games, go to parties, back to work, more games, they keep you moving so you don't have time to think, sit back for a second and put some things in perspective and you tell me.... If Gods real. ..bg