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    Interesting Dynamic in SF/Hou Game

    This is the type of matchup that could inspire hatred for decades to come! It will be interesting to watch just to see how the game is coached. Capers is going to get fired...Do you think that will make him attempt to coach the game for a win? Will one coach try to outdo the other in terms of bad playcalling? I think when it all comes down to it, the question is...which team wants to lose more?

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    i have no desire to watch this game today.

    both teams suck just that bad and, i don't care if the #1 pick is at stake in this game, i'm not gonna watch it.

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    Good to see that the Texans may get Reggie Bush. Im tired of hearing about him, and Bush will have to create all on his own with no Offesive line in Houston. Unless they fix that O-Line, he will have a hard time.