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    Dolphins expect to be busy in the off-season

    from the Ego Edge

    Dolphins expect to be busy in the off-season:

    The Miami Dolphins improved to 7-7 on the year with a 24-20 win over the New York Jets on Sunday, and are looking to be aggressive in added pieces in 2006 for a Super Bowl run.

    They are said to be "very interested" in landing Eagles suspended wide Receiver Terrell Owens and will also look into the possibility of acquiring injred Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper, depending on how he heals from knee surgery and how the "sex boat" alligations pan out.

    All the talk about unloading Ricky Williams at year's end has quited down, even though Ronnie Brown is obviously seen as "the future" at tailback. Williams is showing glimpses of his old self and he won't come as cheap via trade as he would have back in September.

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    as a Fan of the fish all I can say if they pull that off it would be a defensive cordinators nightmare, who the hell do you key on?