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    Don't fall into this trap

    Next week, a lot of people are going to be on the Chargers @ KC, just because of what they saw today, and the Chiefs' last two performances. I'm not saying that the Chiefs are a lock to win, but they will be in a very good spot, returning home after two road games - also an extra day of rest doesn't hurt. LT is clearly not himself, and KC hasn't lost a December home game in forever - SD is a warm weather team, and an erratic one. The only problem is that they are so damn good as an underdog - line will be close to pick, but KC could be as much as 3 - and on the road.

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    Sharp post Razz. A lot of people will probably take the Chargers after beating up the Colts. Maybe that is a good thing.

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    You got that right Razz. Kansas City should be a solid play next weekend.