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    NFL Random Thought

    TB Bucs are on the road for the 3rd consecutive week coming up against the Patriots. Bucs coming off 2 big road divisional wins versus NO and Carolina. Is this a let down for the Bucs? My gut tells me "yes".

    Not only that, but if the Pats win, they clinch the division and TB travels on a "short" week having to play the early game on Saturday. A few years back, the Bucs were very bad in cold weather road games in December. Don't know if this trend still exists or not.......

    Just a thought.....I don't know if I'll play the Pats or not but, nonetheless, an intriguing angle.


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    For what it's worth E, i agree with you. Throw in home field advantage and Corey Dillon providing some potency to the Pats running game and i think you have the makings of a reasonable case for the Pats this weekend. Looking at the game very closely and am leaning towards Pats at this early stage.