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    has anyone ever hit a big parlay?

    either progressive parlay or regular parlay?

    i've tried a couple 12 team parlays just for laughs and got 10/12 one time but at least half those games were pretty much no brainers and the payout would have been modest for 12 teams cause of the heavy favorites

    best on progressive parlay on 2 tries was 8/12 on spread games

    are big parlays fool's gold or has someone in here hit one?

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    most people do 2-3 team parlays

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    I play parlays for fun, most lose but i live in hope. Only ever have $10 or $20 dollars on so it doesn't hurt to much. Hope one hits for you soon.

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    Best I've ever done is a six teamer.

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    Last Week I Had A Bet A 8 Team Parlay For $2 Just Messin
    Around. I Had It Ending To The Packers And You Saw What
    Happened In That One. Biggest Ive Hit Was A 6 Teamer Too.
    Like Clonecat. Good Question I'd Like To See If Anyone Has
    Hit Some Big Ones??

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    My biggest hit was a 6 teamer, but I do not play parlays anymore.

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    i hit a 12 team but it was on the money line

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    once very long time ago i hit one of those paper sheets local bookies gave out 8 for 8 for $10.i got back$1000.

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    more than 10 years ago i had a 11 team parlay on english soccer games, all above +100, hit ten of them and missed the one played last, i needed a draw and the game went 3-0 at half time and finished 3-2(i think Wolves vs. WBA), almost a classic turnaround... had 1 buck on it and the odds were around 750 to 1...

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    Max Levine
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    My biggest parlay hit was a 7-teamer with payout of 130 to 1.

    Adriano, I lost one this week when Benfica scored in injury time. I stopped watching in the 90th minute, considering it a win. Sometimes, that final whistle takes forever