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    SBR Videos NFL Week 4 Thurs Night Niners/Rams Preview with Joe Duffy and Peter Loshak

    Handicapping veteran Joe Duffy from OffshoreInsiders.com previews the Week 4 Thursday Night Niners/Rams matchup with SBR Videos host Peter Loshak.

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    Question is Davis. Made all the difference last week.

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    this guy buried me. rams cant run, cant stop run, bradford throws picks, while SF can run (gore animal), SF can stop run, better coached, SF much better team in every aspect of the game.

    rams 7 yards in 3Q on 13 plays. Bradford should have thrown 6 interceptions by 1min into 4th qtr. also the fumble in 4q.

    I get the "blindly fade 2nd year QB's that had good 1st years"... but SF being much better in every area doesnt matter?

    this guy is an excellent handicapper, but this was a bad mistake.

    i guess its my fault for deciding to tail him. i was impressed with his previous record and decided to give him a shot. i should have laid off instead of trying to tail hot capper at wrong time.

    i'd just been losing my shirt lately and figured he knew more than me. bad timing. sorry to troll. just disappointed about how unlucky i am tailing hot cappers at wrong time.
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    hamburger helper

    Week 6
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    You butted us

    Make apology video

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    of Myself -jjgold

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post

    You butted us

    Make apology video
    jj common bro

    i whatted you?? i butted you?

    happy to make an apology vid once I know what the F you are trying to say

    jj u doing ok pal?

    jj come to CR its easy as pie to get the purest sh*t you could ever want

    no stress no BS like in the states

    easy cheap and awesome

    jj get back on the stuff man

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