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    How many competitive games per season in NFL, MLB & NBA?

    Its surprisingly difficult to find an answer to such a basic question online and I don't fully understand the format of some American sports as I'm from Ireland.

    How many *competitive games are played in total in NFL over a full season from the first game to the final game (regular season, playoffs, ect)?

    Same question for MLB & NBA.

    Please exclude any smaller tournaments that a team will play in. For example, for those that are familiar with English soccer, a team who plays in the Premier League will also play in the FA Cup but usually they will field a more inexperienced team in the FA Cup as it's not as prestigious.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well for regular season in NBA, total games would be 1230 games ( 82 games per team ).

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    162 games for MLB, 16 games NFL (17 weeks with 1 bye per team)