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    You know what s.uc.ks ?

    When you talk sh!t and don't back it up ....... very sorry guys, my ass is guilty tonight , I jumped a couple threads and gave my opinion , I won't do that again , I feel guilty as shit ...I'll stay in my own lane from now on, now its time to vent lol son of a bitch ! Mutha fuc,k-ing Jason Kid keeping his starters on the bench for the 4th when they were down 13 , that shit was weak as fu-ck, I know what he was thinking , to rest his starters for game two and hopefully steel one in Miami ,but I had a couple hundy on it lol wtf are you doing (not serious) I get it just didn't see it , thats on me #2.reaching back because I have a good buzz going , FU.CK -Dallas for shitting the bed in game 7 vs the Spurs lol that was a joke , game over at halftime ..#3.Really Portland ? you lost that game in the 1st half , come on lol ok , thats enough .......... The reason for this thread, is to keep yourself grounded and to make sure if your gonna go outa your way on others threads to make a statement about a game that you know what the fu.ck you're talking about lol ......... Sorry again , my bad ...... I was on the wrong side in both games tonight ... montha fuc...ker !

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    #3, they lost the game in the first quarter. Don't be so upset, it's only 1 day. But I hope if watched these games you now know the regular season doesn't mean anything, especially to the Heat & Spurs. Heat could have scored plenty more, and so much for that great Portland defense. I mentioned yeaterday I don't recall Portland being this great defensive team ??? I thought they ranked like 22nd.. The Nets are old & tired. Heat gave them a whopping to make a statement. BOL in the future.

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