For those looking for too that bet short hockey I found this very helpful I hope it helps you kick your book!!$$$$


This league, along with the Comet division, has been a blessing and a curse. I've never won an over bet and only stick with the unders. Some lessons/tips:

1) Live bet only. Games too volatile to be making pregame bets.

2) Make bets near end of 2nd period or halfway through 3rd. You should have a good sense of where the game is headed.

3) NEVER live bet the under in the 3rd period when the goal differential is ONE. Why? Because if the other team ties the game, then at a minimum, it must go to overtime. Example: if the score is 3:2 with 5 mins to go, and you picked the under at 6.5, if the losing team ties it up at 3:3, then another goal must be scored; in other words, you are ******. But check with your books; mine says that all OT/shootout goals counts towards the total.

4) Don't rely on past games. These leagues are rigged so you will see wild variations in scoring totals.

5) My best tip is to look out for games with a high O/U and observe it. The best scenario? When the teams score a bunch of goals in the 1st and 2nd period. There was one Comet division game where they scored 7 goals in the 1st followed by 8 in the 2nd. This jacked up the under to 20.5 which given their playing history made it highly improbable to go over.

6) Always, ALWAYS, monitor the lines carefully. Sometimes if you are lucky you will catch the books sleeping. For example, going back to Tip #3, if it's the 3rd period and time is winding down with the score tied at 3-3, then check if the line changes to 6.5. If you see only a .5 difference BET IMMEDIATELY on the OVER. Remember; the game MUST GO TO OVERTIME and/or be settled by one more goal. So it's an automatic win.

Edit: some more tips:

7) NEVER chase after under/overs. In other words, establish a baseline and goal. If the line changes to that goal, wager immediately. Otherwise, don't react to the live score but plan ahead. What is your bare minimum under/over?

8) Exercise some patience, but not that much. Sometimes goals are scored in rapid succession. Again, it all comes down to sensing the flow/momentum of the game. But also be aware that waiting too long can cost you money.

Final thoughts: be very prudent about betting on short hockey. These games are clearly rigged. But if you are smart and patient enough, you can win.