I always try and stick to the "KISS" strategy whenever I do a "system" in all sport contest that I enter.

After looking into different angles on who I was gonna choose for my bracket, I decided to use baseball savant's HH% ranking.
(Players Hard Hit ball rate is simply showing the percentages of batted ball that were hit at 95mph or more.)

This is what my bracket looked like.

Player/HH% Ranking/HH%

Robert / #206 / 40.8%
Rutschman / #299 / 36.8%

I picked Robert to win.

Garcia / #46 / 50%
Arozarena / #39 / 50.9%

I was supposed to pick Arozarena, but picked Garcia because I liked the Rangers batters. Big mistake!

Betts / #60 / 49.6%
Vald / #13 / 56.3%

I picked Vlad to win.

Alonso / #218 / 40.5%
Julio R / #40 / 50.8%

I picked Julio to win.

If I had chosen Arozarena instead of Garcia like I was supposed to, according to the ranking, I would have had a perfect bracket.....STUPID ME...LOOK....

Round 1

Robert(206) defeats Rutschman(299)
Arozarena(39)defeats Garcia (46)

Vlad (13) defeats Betts (60)
Julio R (40) defeats Alonso (218)

Round 2

Arozarena (39) defeats Robert (206)
Vlad (13) defeats Julio R (40)


Vlad (13) defeats Julio R (40)


I can't believe I let my emotions get in the way......perfect bracket =$100K.....so close.

I did a custom leaderboard to get the info I wanted. This is the link listing the rankings and HH%.
Bookmark it so next year you can use it to your advantage. You can also do your own custom leaderboard, just uncheck all and check what info you want.


Your Picks
Round 1 Round 2 Final Additional Questions:
Luis Robert Jr. Adolis García Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 6
Adolis García Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 460
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 285
Julio Rodríguez 85

You selected V Guerrero Jr. as the winner.