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    Transfer Balance

    I知 looking for some advice. I have an amount in Book B and want to transfer it to Book A without withdrawing. I have a high rollover in Book B, am limited very much, and I知 not too sure I even trust the book fully. I love Book A and want my full balance to be in that book. Any advice on the best way to bet both sides to ensure that I win on Book A so I basically transfer it over? I am willing to take a 25-50% loss on Book B if I have to if it means 75%-50% of that balance gets to Book A. Do I just bet heavy favorites both sides or is there a better way? Again, I知 limited on Book B (not at all on Book A) so I would have to make multiple bets to be able to move it. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Is there anyway to transfer points from one sbr Acct. To another? For example if my brother was to make an Acct and i wanted to gift him some points from my Acct so he can start betting right away?