1 Georgia gets winner of 8 Kansas State 9 Penn State

4 Utah gets winner of 5 TCU 12 Tulane

2 Michigan gets winner of 7 Alabama 10 USC

3 Clemson gets winner of 6 Ohio St 11 Tennessee

You would have to think they will say first 4, second 4, last 4 and rearrange them in those pods to avoid conference teams or rematches.

There would be 3 from the Big 10 and SEC, 2 from Pac 12 Big 12, 1 from ACC and American. Knocking Tennessee down because of QB injury and getting destroyed by South Carolina, also avoiding SEC rematches.

The top 4 has to be some combination of Georgia, Utah, Michigan, Clemson, K State and Tulane and those 6 have to be in.