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    Betfair Casino NJ Classic Blackjack Rigged??

    Played some classic blackjack yesterday on betfair via fanduel with some sportsbooks winnings. Was only playing to have some fun and 5 minutes later I lost 12 hands in a row. Ended up losing most of sportsbooks winnings(Shame on me)

    Everytime I raised my bet it lost. Dealer had 5x as many blackjacks.

    Looked at the last 100 hands I played and won 33 and lost 67

    I figured these digital games are rigged but this obvious??? Learned a lesson lol

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    Valerie Meshko
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    Maybe rigged, maybe bad luck, maybe you need to change the site where you play or strategies

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    All online casinos are rigged depends what RTP they have but 99,9% who play online casino at different sites will occur losses.also the RTP ratio of casino games are fluid if you are in profit it will automaticlly get lower.
    Do not be surprised to see the richest persons are the ones that have the casino gaming software's,they share profits with gambling sites.
    Avoid online casinos they are all rigged.borderline scam