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    Looking for an online book...

    I previously posted and was unaware of the TOS so I apologize for any mistakes I made...

    I am looking for a book, I went through a local guy the last 4 or 5 years. I used to go through betmaker.com but believe they were bought out? They also only offered me 10% reload after not playing for years!

    I have narrowed down to:

    Does anyone have any opinions, I am looking for hopefully 25% cash bonus with **/** withdrawls.

    Thanks for the help in advance and really enjoy reading everyones posts! good luck!
    Anyone with Carib?? I see they advertise on the site and have a very generous bonus!
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    The Greek is as solid as they come. They also offer a 21% bonus on new accounts, regardless of the deposit method. 4 time rollover to clear your funds.....

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    Out of the above mentioned is ones lines usually better than the other??

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum sir

    Yes, Betmaker was bought out by the Cris family of books, so your funds are very secure if you wish to return to them.

    As far as the books you have listed go. I feel every book are Ok to play at, however you have to ask yourself how important is the bonus factor to you? If it is then you might want to look in to signing up at JustBet. If not might I suggest TheGreek as well. They offer a 21% signup bonus which is very good for a book of that stature.

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    I can refer you to VIP, they give out great bonus's, great cust service, and the points you earn for wagers, casino play and poker add up to free money real fast.