Portlandbet (not rated) debits players for winning wagers citing bonus requirements

Portlandbet has closed and is in the process of paying player balances. Some players have complained that the sportsbook is keeping the amount the player was required to bet to meet his wagering requirements instead of the prorated amount of the bonus itself. This odd deduction, which essentially equates to losing all the money bettors were originally obligated to risk, is costing some players more than their deposit and bonus combined. SBR will attempt to speak with Portlandbet about these deductions. Players should double check their withdrawals for unwarranted deductions.

Player 1:
I had completed approx 7,000 of the Wagering Requirement when this book folded on 1st July. My balance was 2,370.10. They have now removed half of my balance (1,185.05) and refunded the rest. Their reason was because wager requirements weren't complete. I obviously can't complete though as they have folded. I had no notice that they were going to fold.
Player 2:
On my statement I got "withdrawal of my full balance minus deductions" which resulted in me only getting 3,500 and they've simply kept 1200 at their discretion.
In effect they've charged me 1200 for gaining a 100 bonus. It's ridiculous. Now in spite persistently emailing them over numerous days they do not reply. Is there anything that could be done? It is simply not punters fault they can't meet wagering requirements, as all markets have been closed by the company.