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    Cincinnati Bearcats Punter Donating All NIL Money To Walkons

    CINCINNATI — University of Cincinnati punter Mason Fletcher is paying it forward to his teammates.

    Bearcats fans are now able to purchase jerseys not only with their favorite player's number on them but, for the first time thanks to NIL, their name, and Fletcher is included in that.

    However, unlike most all of his other teammates, Fletcher — who is Australian — will be unable to directly cash in. But, instead of having any potential earnings just sit there, he says he'll be donating all profits from his jerseys to the walk-ons on the UC football team.

    "This will hopefully give some financial help to these guys that give their all," he tweeted, along with his announcement.

    According to a December 2021 story from the Associated Press, international players — which make up over 12% of collegiate athletes in the country — aren't eligible for NIL deals due to potential issues with the athlete's F-1 **** status.

    “If the school finds out that one of their international student-athletes has been doing side jobs, making money off their name, image or likeness, the school is legally obligated to terminate their ****,” Leigh Cole of Dinse P.C., an immigration lawyer who works with education clients and employers, told the AP. “It has drastic consequences.”

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