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    2008 Olympic Hoops Futures

    I think Greece +1800 just might have some decent value. That team has been together for years and does have some size in the middle.

    Argentina     	 +500  	 
    Greece    	 +1800 	 
    Italy    	 +2500 	 
    Lithuania    	 +1500 	 
    Puerto Rico    	 +6000 	 
    Spain    	 +350 	 
    United States    -350 	 
    Field    	 +1200

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    Given their past performances there is noway I can lay 350 on the US.

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    Thats just it Illusion, nor could I. However we both know the reason as to why the U.S.A. are what they are. Talk about a massive overlay for a team who will most likely finish with the bronze.

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    USA basketball has been in the toilet the last decade.

    Its pathetic.

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    Argentina +500 is the best value. Greece has no center or power forwards.
    175 pts

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    I don't see the USA losing again but I was over this crap USA Olympic bullshit basketball after the real Dream Team..thats the only one that mattered in my opinion...the rest of these Olympic teams are mere afterthoughts

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    Sweet berry wine!!!
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    I'm betting Chad.

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    coach k, nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaii04 View Post
    coach k, nuff said

    i agree

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    It is a mistake to equate this team with the teams that have been losing in the international competitions lately. Those teams would have had no chance to win the NBA championship. This team would win the NBA championship for the next 5 years...at least.

    -350 is a gift. They are going to win every game by 10 plus. THats not to say that some teams won't be able to keep it close for small periods of time.

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    CHICAGO -- MVP Kobe Bryant will be heading to his first Olympics, and he'll have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with him.
    They will lead a U.S. Olympic basketball team that was announced Monday -- one that hopes to capture the gold medal in Beijing in August after a third-place showing in Athens four years ago. They'll have plenty of help.
    Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd were among the 12 players placed on the squad. They were joined by Tayshaun Prince, Carlos Boozer, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Michael Redd and Deron Williams.

    -from EPSN.com
    The idea roster would be
    pg-chris paul, chauncey billups
    sg-kobe bryant, d.wade
    sf-lebron, paul pierce
    pf-garnett, duncan,odom
    c- d. howard, stoudemire, t. chandler

    I'd say the us filled its roster with 4 of the 5 best choices as starters and got another 2 reserves correct. Thats better than we've done since 1996

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    Chauncy Billups is playing, nuff said.

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    Coack K, Yes a Plus he dont lose and with players like this. The problem with the US in the past is that we just throw players together and act like the Harlem Globe Trotters, Whereas the other Countries have been playing as a team for 8,9, over 10 years in some cases. If anyone can get these players playing real basketball as a team its Coach K. Even more of a Plus... Look at the best players out there... They are on a revenge war path.... Kobe lost the championship after his team went in as the fav. Labron James Went 7 against the champs and was let down at the end by his crummy team. Carmelo Anthony was on this losing USA team last year, he just may want it the most. Look at Boozer and Deron Williams, they were let down in the Playoffs after a great season. -350 it should be -650. Put your house up, this year is the year. The Bronze they got last year is an embarrassment. So many factors in our favor. This is the best squad since the dream team. They are serious again and they will not let up, every team will get dismantled. Im draining all my accounts right now...

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    As long as they don't treat the olympics like some streetball game where every other play is an ally-opp, then i think they should win. Its when they get too cocky they start to choke.Paul should run the floor nicely and will learn alot from Kidd this year