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    Cross-Sport Weekly Contest - 2/24


    Entry Fee is 20 Betpoints.

    This contest starts Monday, 2/24/14 and ends Sunday, 3/2/14. You must make a minimum of 48 and a maximum of 72 plays from among NFL, CFB, MLB, NHL, NBA and CBB. Contest includes Spreads, Totals and Money Lines in ALL Sports. All plays must be rated from 1 to 5, and the rating will be the RISK amount, Standings will be based on UNITS.

    Note: If there is a tie in units, first tiebreaker will be Winning Percentage, second tiebreaker will be Action Points. If still tied after Action Points, the prizes will be split.

    Point allocation depends on number of entries:

    Members 1-9
    1st: 100%

    Members 10-19
    1st: 60%
    2nd: 25%
    3rd: 15%

    Members 20-49
    1st: 50%
    2nd: 20%
    3rd: 15%
    4th: 10%
    5th: 5%

    Members 50+
    1st: 30%
    2nd: 20%
    3rd: 14%
    4th: 9%
    5th: 7%
    6th: 6%
    7th: 5%
    8th: 4%
    9th: 3%
    10th: 2%

    Good Luck to All!

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    close finish in last weeks cross sport contest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by THam12 View Post
    close finish in last weeks cross sport contest!
    Someone have analysis, What was the average winning rate in this contest.