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    Why is Golden State favored?

    They are hot garbage without curry and draymond.

    OKC stomped them and Portland will do the same.

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    cant win without curry, can win without either durant or klay but not curry

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    It's simple , watched vs Thunder . They have absolutely no big man with boogie on the IR , any team with a big man , they can man handle the Warriors right now . Adams , as shitty as he is , he made them look foolish the other night .
    Not sure the backup guy for Center but he's fukkin garbage . You can tell that in 5 minutes the last game , he has no business on the court , he was lost as fukk out there .
    Blazers by 6

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    Warriors win tonight

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    Fade warriors till curry comes back

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    Warriors due

    take them

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    Damn it, have been running hot last 3 games fading warriors, then see this. 😭😭😭😭

    Warriors are losing mostly to no team after their stars. They march out a bunch of end of bench/d league guys.