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    UCF QB down and it doesn't look good...

    Cart and air cast out...

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    Since his leg was sideways id guess not

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    Chillin w/Goat til We Do it Again
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    yup, looked pretty fukin nasty. to bad for him and his team. Hope he can fully recover.

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    sante' du repos
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    guess they won't be going back to back national champions

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    Half time lines might be worth a look

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    One of the dangers of playing sports. The defenders of the other team are out there to kill you. Garoppolo and Smith learned the hard way.

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    They will beat USF because USF has "My way or the Highway" Charlie Strong coaching them. The team was suppose to challenge UCF for the AAC East Crown but has lost 4 straight and will lose tonight. Now as far as the CC game goes, Memphis is in great shape. They can score, have a half way decent defense, and have a huge revenge chip on their shoulder. This makes the Utah State-Boise State game huge because the winner will host Fresno State in the MWC CC game and will have a solid shot at a New Years Day Bowl Game.

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    Sports dangerous these days. Have to be careful out there now

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    Our prayers go out to this young man.

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    I did troubles!!
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    Dislocation of the knee, which tends to cut the blood supply off to the rest of the lower extremity. Requires emergency surgery. Kind of like Teddy Bridgewater's injury.