Originally posted on 03/03/2021:

Their platform sucks. Their limits are lower than any other A rated book. These two issues are not that big a deal. But slow paying is.

Jan 29th - I requested a payout for $1,600 and was told I needed to be verified.
Jan 29th - I sent a pic of ID and utility bill
Feb 6th - They respond saying they need a selfie. I send it immediately.
Feb 13th - They responding saying my selfie isn't good enough. I was verified at 3 other sportsbooks and a government agency with the exact same selfie. But it wasn't good enough for Intertops. So I send another one.
Feb 20th - They respond again saying my selfie isn't good enough. I send four more selfies.
Feb 28th - They approve my selfie. I request payout.
Mar 2nd - They question me about my logins. I explain I travel for work.
Mar 3rd - I finally get paid.

It took them 34 days to pay me $1,600. And it was a huge hassle. Any other A rated book would have paid me within 24 hours (except youwager). I would have been paid faster by any B or C rated book too.
They need to be downgraded. The A rating SBR gives them is not accurate.