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Recent Activity: HRWager upgraded from C- to C, Topbet upgraded from C- to C, BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-, MarathonBet downgraded from B to B-, 1Vice upgraded from D+ to C-, Betcity SBR initiates rating coverage at D, Dimeline Upgraded from D- to D.


News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

Avoid blacklisted betting site Oddsmaker


Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players. The online sportsbook cites a part of their terms and conditions outlawing professional play to justify the confiscations. SBR reported last month that a player had only his $1,000 deposit refunded and did not receive his winnings from the online sportsbook. SBR advises players to avoid the blacklisted betting site.

Parlay Odds Calculator for Sports Bettors


If you're a sports bettor that fancies the occasional multiple or parlay wager, a tool which may prove valuable is the SBR parlay odds calculator. The tool, developed in-house, allows players to plug in the desired line set in cents and game odds of each leg of the bet. Then, players are shown the true odds of what the parlay should return, the mathematical odds, and any premium paid over true odds. The parlay calculator is compatible with all devices. Additionally, players may be interested to compare online sportsbooks parlay odds in the directory put together by SBR.


Bet2Be Sportsbook (SBR rating D) players with feedback are asked to write to Over the past two months, Sportsbook Review has reported on several cases involving the Isle of Man based bookmaker, including more than 30 slow-pay complaints, with the average payout complaint ranging from two to four weeks. | Bet2Be complaints


A complaint was launched against Unibet Sportsbook nearly one year ago where a player reported that 200 EUR was confiscated. Unibet advised the player of a section of their terms and conditions that essentially empower the sportsbook to take whatever action it deems necessary on player accounts, including confiscating funds. | Unibet complaint

Sportsbook Bonuses Guide Updated


The sportsbook bonuses guide has been updated. The bonus directory includes free bet (freeplay) and cash bonuses. The bonuses listed on the page are ranked by overall true value - essentially the funds you wager with the bonus toward your rollover. The lower the amount of rollover and higher the bonus, the better value for the player.

Marathonbet Sportsbook rules out paying another player


Following Sportsbook Review's report that a Marathonbet player claimed to have his funds confiscated on the grounds that he was a professional bettor, a new account complaint has been launched by a player who has said he has been unable to withdraw 1,000 EUR from his account. SBR followed up with Marathonbet to discuss the complaint, and was advised that the user failed to pass the betting site's Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Marathonbet has been willing to discuss complaints in confidence, but would not consent to their security methods being shared as it relates to determining the authenticity of player submitted documents. SBR has advised players who maintain that their documents are legitimate to launch complaints with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

$10K College Bowl Contest Open for Picks


The 2014 College Football Bowl contest is now open for picks. This year's contest gives away $10,000 in cash prizes. The format of the contest requires each contestant to pick 15 bowl games from an official lines thread in advance. A final pick must then be made on the winner of the College Football playoffs championship once that match has been determined. If you have enrolled ahead of the contest entry deadline or are a team captain, please visit SBR Forum to submit your required picks.

Sportsbook Dispute Assistance: 24/7, 365 days per year


Sportsbook Review is standing by to assist if you are a player who is locked into a dispute with an online sportsbook. SBR analysts have  helped to recover millions of dollars in disputed winnings since the company first came online in 1999. Simply write in with the details of the claim, whether it be a payout, wagering, bonus, or customer service complaint, to or submit a sportsbook complaint form.


A wagering complaint has been launched against A player registered on September 26, opened his account and deposited €1000 via Skrill. He proceeded to wager on an ATP Shenzen doubles semi-final match with Groth/Guggione vs. Cabal/Farah. His wager was on over 12.5 games in the first set. | complaint


Rivalo Sportsbook has commented to SBR on the player complaint posted yesterday. In that complaint, a player claimed that he had a balance of €1200 confiscated. He maintained that he was fully verified and had passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, though after a random phone screening had his account closed. | Rivalo addresses complaint

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Sportsbook rating changes

New Ratings Upgrades Downgrades

12/06/2014 10:47 AM CST
HRWager upgraded from C- to C
12/02/2014 02:45 PM CST
Topbet upgraded from C- to C
11/17/2014 09:47 PM CST
BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-
11/16/2014 07:08 AM CST
MarathonBet downgraded from B to B-
11/07/2014 09:48 PM CST
1Vice upgraded from D+ to C-
11/05/2014 10:58 AM CST
Betcity SBR initiates rating coverage at D
11/04/2014 05:25 PM CST
Dimeline Upgraded from D- to D
10/30/2014 04:34 PM CST
SmartLiveGaming SBR initiates rating coverage at D+

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