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Former Alliance Sportsbook user submits $16K payout complaint

6 hours ago

Sportsbook reported on January 13 that Alliance Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) closed with $80,000 in player balances pending. At the time of closure, one of the two Alliance partners wrote SBR that there were no current bidders to acquire the sportsbook and continue its business. Alliance claimed players would be paid their final balances in 45 to 60 days.

SSL Heartbleed bug & securing your sportsbook account

SSL Heartbleed bug & keeping your sportsbook account secure

13 hours ago

Sportsbook Review reported last week that the SSL Heartbleed vulnerability rocked many online industries. The bug essentially allowed the possibility for malicious users to intercept SSL layered communications, an exploit that could put everything from server security to user passwords at risk. Online sportsbooks were among those businesses which responded quickly to patch the bug.

Top Online Sportsbooks Poll


SBR Forum users are asked to cast their vote for their top online sportsbooks. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated sportsbook first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. Votes will be accepted through 14 May 2014. Cast your vote here!

Bodugi Sportsbook license revoked

Bodugi Sportsbook's license revoked by UK Gambling Commission


Bodugi Sportsbook (unrated) has had their gambling license revoked by the UK Gambling Commission. Bodugi had allegedly been slow-paying and no-paying customers since as early as February 2014, when their license was first brought under scrutiny. Since that time, numerous complaints from users accumulated and Bodugi failed to act on these reports.

SBR congratulates Triathlon contest winners


SBR Forum congratulates the winners in the 2014 SBR Gambling Triathlon. SBR poster smitch124 pocketed a cool $4,000 for his first place finish. SBR poster stuler took down $1,500 for second place. The four month long competition hinged on poker, handicapping, and blackjack play. SBR will announce its new major contest series next week.

Best baseball betting report

Sportsbooks Reviewed for 2014 MLB Baseball


Sportsbook Review has updated the best MLB betting baseball lines comparison page. The 2014 season is upon us and ripe with many opportunities to win cash. Before choosing an online sportsbook to wager baseball, be sure to read this article on selecting a sportsbook and how to measure which company offers the most bang for your buck. This covers the best Sportsbook Dimelines of 2014.

Pinnacle Sports baseball betting pricing updated


Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) pricing has been updated on the Best Baseball Lines sportsbooks page at Sportsbook Pinnacle boasts the overall lowest margins in the business for non-US players. Pinnacle Sports is based in Curacao.

1Vice Sportsbook splits from RDG Corp, feedback wanted


1Vice Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) left the RDG Corp family of online sportsbooks earlier this year. 1Vice reportedly outgrew the RDG Corp facility according to a statement made by the RDG owner. SBR encourages users with 1Vice feedback or complaints to write in to

Online sportsbooks also affected by SSL Heartbleed bug


SBR has advised multiple sportsbooks of the SSL Heartbleed vulnerability and each have taken emergency steps to fix or has already patched this internet-wide security issue. Short Sockets Layer (SSL) refers to the "S" in HTTPS. The technology industry has been reeling due to a recently discovered bug dubbed as the "Heartbleed" bug which effectively allows malicious users or just about anybody with some technical savvy to intercept SSL layered communications. Essentially, an attacker up to no good can attempt to apploit an SSL using website that has not already applied a patch to resolve the issue. SBR urges players to not use the same password at more than one sportsbook and to change their password for peace of mind.

Congrats to SBR Forum Bracket Winners


SBR Forum congratulates this year's NCAA Brackets Contest winners. SBR poster newguy nailed 3 of the 4 teams in the Final Four and pockets 15,000 betpoints plus a $600 SBR Bash travel voucher for his efforts. SBR posters Ted Sheckler, face, Gummo77, and 4uk4life round out the top five.

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Sportsbook rating changes

New Ratings Upgrades Downgrades

24/03/2014 03:01 PM CST
Mobibet Sportsbook - SBR initiates rating coverage at D-
25/02/2014 12:12 PM CST
Bet365 Sportsbook upgraded from A to A+
21/02/2014 11:56 AM CST
Globet Sportsbook downgraded from D to D-
13/02/2014 06:48 PM CST
Unibet Sportsbook downgraded from C to C-
05/02/2014 06:01 PM CST
TitanBet Upgraded from B- to B
21/01/2014 12:21 PM CST
Canbet Sportsbook downgraded from D to D-
21/01/2014 08:52 AM CST
10Bet Sportsbook upgraded from C+ to B-
14/01/2014 05:34 PM CST
BTCSportsBet SBR initiates rating coverage at F

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