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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    Whos at fault?

    Whos at fault?

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    All of them.

    Dopey car driver for not looking well enough, twice.

    And bikers for lane splitting at an unsafe speed leaving them no time to react.

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    Donald Trump
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    The second motor cycle guy is a moron.. He see's problems up ahead and doesn't even slow down. You can make a case for the guy opening the door being to blame but I think it would be weak in comparison.

    I think the first motor cycle guy was not at fault. The car driver did not see him and Most, over 80 % of Car-Motorcycle accidents are the fault of the car driver. Usually turning left and in from of the cycle driver. And it's usually an elderly person driving the car.

    I will say this much. Car drivers just do not recognize a motorcycle coming down the road. Especially older persons. It's just a fact. As I blame the car drivers, I will blame the manufacturers of Motorcycles for not installing adjustable headlights on the cycle where as they drive down the road, the car driver see's two headlights (especially day time.) that have the same space in between as a car. Or almost. This way peoples brains will reason it out and not turn a blind eye.

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    They are all at fault.

    I see everyone in the video was driving/riding internal combustion
    carbon-emitting prehistoric machines.

    In a totally EV world these silly, dangerous occurances would not exist.

    EV owners automatically elevate to near diety-level creatures incapable of
    making mistakes... least of all silly roadway errors.

    For your own sake and the good of everyone that you sort of ❤...
    Move into an EV and make it snappy.