Beautifully written' California license plate on stolen car leads to woman's arrest

According to police, the suspect, 38-year-old Angel Rachiene Bolton, wrote the license plate numbers with a thick black marker on what appeared to be printer paper and taped it to the back of a silver Kia Rio LX, which was reportedly stolen out of Alameda.
"We know we are not superheroes, but just FYI this is NOT a way to get one over on us," the Benica PD wrote on Facebook.

The numbers on the forged license plate didn't quite size up, however, because Bolton apparently ran out of room trying to squeeze everything into the small space.
To make things worse, the counterfeit plate’s tags were expired, reading "JAN 2023" where a real registration sticker would be.
"Pro tip: At least make the "registration" current," the Benicia PD joked.
Police arrested Bolton and charged her with felony possession of a stolen vehicle and misdemeanor possession of "unlawful paraphernalia," according to arrest records.

um you cant even use plates off another car cause po po runs tag and sees plate belongs to HONDA and your driving a Toyata ........ next thing you see in rear view mirror Christmas time and voice of police on the mike saying pull over

better off driving with no plates where i live i remove my tag when parked too close to corner cause they write ticket for corner clearance $41 but if you get car out of spot like 10 am no ticket because they dont get down here till 10:30 or 11 in my area as i seen time written on tickets 11:30 am