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    How do the license partnerships work for the US online books/casinos?

    So let’s use New Jersey as the example.

    WynnBet operates as part of Caesars license. Who is getting a cut of what as player action goes along? If you’re winning money from WynnBet, is it really being won from Caesars? If you’re losing money, who ends up with how much of it? Is it a combination of flat fees/costs toward the license provider and also a cut of action?

    These different “skins” have been all over for years in many states. But I’ve never really understood how the operations work between the “skin” and the actual license provider.

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    Your guess would be as good as mine Reload.

    The deals are probably covered by an NDA as commercially sensitive information too.

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    my guess is it is specific to each parent company and not consistent

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